Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!

I know this is not January 1,  but according to the Jewish Calandar ....and my internal clock....September is a time for new beginnings.  I love the Fall.  For means schoolbooks,  new school supplies,  lay garden has done ( or not done) its thing.  I go into decluttering gear just like others do in spring.  In fall,  I know that pretty soon we will be hunkering down to those cozy winter days,  those snowy days where we can read and be creative,  and not feel guilty that we are not outside soaking up all that vitamin d and fresh air.

So,  what's going to be new around here.....
This new year's focus will not be so much on my homeschooling efforts,  but my life efforts.  IOW,  I am getting bored singing the same old song....and I am trying out some new ones that have caught my eye and my hearts.  YES,  we are still homeschooling,  home working and home living.....but there is a richness in my life that was missing....and I want it.  I want it BAD.   So,  my focus is not going to be on the math book,  or the grammar program,  although I am sure it will come up from time to time....but my blogging will be more geared to:

Decluttering: our house, our mealtimes, our spirits, our schooling

Nutrition:  my journey to grain-free, junk free, sugar free, lo carb high protein eating.  There will be recipes and hopefully photos as I try new ideas which fit in with my new lifestyle.  I guess it is sort of Paleo eating

Exercise: this is the FOR ME.  I have begun ( Thank you Ingrid). My real exercise journey, and I hope it is not too late to shoot for wearing a bathing suit without a cover up, or swim shorts!   Next summer,  I want to be able to actually wear a suit and not hide in shame.
My goals are to begin running and run a 5 k in April, buy a bicycle and enter some tours with Carl and Grace,  and of course have a flat tummy by my birthday...not an easy feat for someone with 7 kids,  who has been out of shape her entire life!

Health:  my battle with hashimoto's, pcos, insulin resistance and fibromyalgia.  ( which I think is all Hashimoto's related.)

I am also going to blog a bit of my weightless journey as soon as I can find some BEFORE pictures.  When you were as heavy as I was,  there are not many of those around.  I have lost almost 100 lbs.   I intend to lose another 15 or so before summer....and at 1/2 lb a week,  it should be doable,  if I focus and do not get discouraged.

I may also blog a bit on finding my birth family...and how that journey has effected me.

So,  this b

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